What makes our school unique

"What makes Stillness Junior School unique is the way the school administration and teachers include and engage students in different roles beyond the classroom. We couldn't be more impressed with the role of student ambassadors, student librarians, student eco-warriors and the like. It is a brilliant way to show children that a school is a community, not just a classroom, and that there are unique ways to lend your skills to the vibrant Stillness Junior family"

School Governor

“Stillness is not just a place for learning, it is a place full of nurturing, self-care, diversity and life lessons. At Stillness we build relationships based on trust and tailor our learning to meet the needs of individuals. We adapt when we need to and we strive to ensure everyone comes and leaves feeling happy, safe and respected”

Class Teacher

"So much excellent support has been given, I cannot say enough positive things"

Y4 Parent

“Stillness Juniors have a cohort of thought-provoking, articulate children. The pupils' have inquisitive minds and are keen to learn. Stillness Juniors have excellent grounds and sufficient space to undertake extra-curricular activities which the children and parents both appreciate”

Class Teacher

“One of the main things that makes Stillness Juniors different is the amount of roles and responsibilities that are open to the children. This is something that struck me from my very first visit here. It helps to give the school a real community feel as we’re all (staff, children and parents) working together to continually make Stillness Juniors a great place to learn and work”

Class Teacher

"I know who I can contact in school if I have concerns over my child's learning or development. The whole team is so helpful"

Y4 Parent

"One of the unique things about Stillness Juniors is it's inclusivity. The staff are dedicated to creating an environment where all children can learn and blossom to their full potential regardless of their differing needs, abilities or learning styles. It is a place where children can be their authentic selves and feel comfortable, included and welcomed"

Class Teacher

“What makes Stillness unique? That’s an easy answer…the children. They bring joy and positive energy to all areas of the school. We are lucky to have a vibrant diverse cohort who represent our ethos; Our best at all times. They inspire me to be the best teacher I can be and they show resilience and determination to tackle all the challenges we throw at them. Stillness would not be Stillness without them”​

Class Teacher

“Our school has a very special family feel where all children, staff and parents feel valued and enjoy working together”

Support Staff

"Our school is unique because it has an outstanding library that we get the opportunity to withdraw books from, the children across the school are kind and helpful and the teachers are always supporting us to do and be our best"

Y3 Pupil

“Stillness is unique because we are a Junior school.  We are really lucky to have an amazing library and a school council which allows us to have lots of things at playtime and lunchtime. I feel happy, proud and welcomed here”

Y3 Pupil

“Stillness makes me feel happy and smart.  The teachers teach people in all different ways and listen to us”

Y3 Pupil

“I think there are several things that make Stillness unique. One is our lessons: we have Art, Music and PE as well as the usual lessons and for these we have specialist teachers. As well as that, we have our own library that covers a wide range of subjects. The thing that makes Stillness most unique though is its friendships. There is no bullying, and most people get along. All in all, Stillness is a brilliant school”

School Council

“Stillness is unique since we have a varied curriculum including sports, Music and Art taught by specialist teachers. We do lots of experiments in Science, and fun activities and trips throughout the year”

School Council

"Stillness Juniors is a place where inspirational learning, meaningful teaching and positive relationships are built and nurtured. It is a bright and vibrant atmosphere where all children and staffs uniqueness is encouraged and welcomed. It is this uniqueness that has been interwoven into the very tapestry of our school and what makes Stillness what it is. Achievement both in and out of school is recognised and celebrated and I am fortunate to be a part of such a cohesive network of people"

Class Teacher

"What makes Stillness Junior School unique is a fun education, nice teachers, friendly pupils and being our best at all times"

School Librarian

"Being a First Aider makes me unique because I get a responsibility to help others and it can help me develop new skills. It opens a door for more careers later in life and gives me a change to help out my peers"

First Aider

"Being an Ambassador makes me unique because I get responsibility over other pupils and it opens new skills for later on in life. It also provides us with meeting new Y3 children and making lots of memories"


"The thing that makes this school so amazing is that we have PE in Kings ground, which is so big. In addition we have jobs for other children such as Play Leaders, Librarian and First Aiders. Also we have a BIG space for every classroom and we have a music space that has nearly every instrument, plus an art space for 30 children!"

Digital Leader

"Being a Peer Mediator you help others with their problems and solve their issues and that's very important"

Peer Mediator

"Excellent - how do you improve perfect!" "Thoughtful children and helpful teachers"

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