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Art at Stillness


Stillness Junior School holds art and design in high regard and has a specialist art teacher who teaches all year groups in a spacious art-dedicated classroom, with large windows letting in natural light. Since Art, including Craft and Design, is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum and is a compulsory subject in Secondary School, we want to give our children the best possible advantage for their future education.

With this in mind, our aim is to expose children to the widest possible range of art and design materials and techniques, drawing on artistic practices through art history and also on different cultures and traditions from around the world. We expect that these encounters with art theory and artistic practices, will engage, inspire and enthuse children to enjoy and to continue making art as they mature, and also develop in them a lifelong appreciation of art and design in its many forms.


Children generally enjoy drawing, inventing and making, and we try to use that enthusiasm to introduce new materials and techniques in two dimensional and three dimensional art projects, and to grow their proficiency and confidence in using them. This may appear as learning the foundations of observational drawing with simple pencil drawing exercises, progressing to working with brushes and paint, and learning how to mix colours, how to develop a composition, and how to use contrast to make an effective painting. Collage, art from recycled materials, working with clay, printmaking or paper mache, are just some of the other techniques that the children will learn to use. Frequently these techniques will require individual working, but there is also often opportunity for learning to collaborate and problem-solve in teams or small groups.

Furthermore, as the children’s skill and experience develop, they will learn about great artists, craft makers and designers, and will understand the historical and cultural context of their art forms.

The children’s artwork is celebrated around the school in the classroom and common area displays. We also work with outside artists and organisations who provide special workshops, competitions and exhibitions to engage the children through art in the wider community.


Through the weekly art lessons and art displays around the school, the children will realise that there are many different ways of working in art, and many different styles, which are all valid and effective: including neat and exacting outcomes, but also ‘messy’ and expressive artworks. This inclusive approach shows that there is a place for every child to achieve and progress, regardless of their past artistic experience or whether they think that they are talented or not. In this way art builds self-confidence, and will give every child at Stillness an opportunity to nurture their creative voice as they grow and develop.

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