Sports Day

Sports day plays an important role at Stillness Junior School, as it provides students with the key skills they need such as confidence, teamwork, resilience, respectfulness and honesty.

Alongside our PE lessons, which focus on competitive sport, each year we hold Sports Day in Kings Ground, where children have the chance to take part in a variety of field and track events.  Sports Day is held over two days, to ensure the children get the most out of the day, and is usually split with Y3 & Y4 together and Y5 & Y6 together. As the children play competitive sports all year round, we like to bring in the competitive element into our annual Sports Day. The children compete for their house; Grace, Nesbit, Ross and Phoenix where at each station they play and points are awarded towards their house. The winning house is announced during our Award Ceremony, where they the Trophy is presented.  Medals are also awarded for other events and we also give out awards for a variety of categories such as, great sportsmanship, enthusiasm and best attitude.

Sports Day is a chance for our Stillness community to get together and take part in a variety of fun events, even the parents and teachers can take part in a race if they wish and supported by “team SCA” who provide us all with water and oranges!  It is an enjoyable community event that is the highlight of the year.