We intend to provide creative, meaningful and inspiring Design and Technology lessons. The children will be given memorable experiences that allow them to design and create products that solve real and relevant problems. This will also aid visual learning as it gives children the opportunity to create 3D models of things they have learnt about. Design and Technology will be linked across the curriculum, therefore providing meaningful experiences in a variety of contexts.


Cross-curricular links will enable the children to use practical and technical skills learnt in Art, Science, Mathematics and Computing through well-structured and well-resourced lessons. Developing their critical thinking through using their imagination and creativity, they will design and make real products to meet their needs, solve problems and explore their learning further. Creating models will help with concrete learning as the children will be able to physically see how things work for example mechanisms. The end products will be critiqued and evaluated to see if they’ve served their purpose for learning and experience, giving the children time to review and suggest improvements. Food technology links will be made between subjects, for example Topic, Science and English. Opportunities to develop cooking skills will provide the children with basic knowledge and understanding of where food products come from.  Examples of healthy and varied diets will be explored using a range of foods and cooking techniques.


We will be able to display their ability to use technical and practical skills to bring their creations to life. Creating products and evaluating them will demonstrate a student’s capability to successfully follow the design cycle, plan/design, create and evaluate. Children will be more motivated and confident with their creativity as they will see how their creations will meet their needs and the needs of others for visual learning and other experiences/. Our cross-curricular Design and Technology lessons will support children in making connections in their learning and develop a love for designing and problem-solving.

D&T Overview.

Beyond the Curriculum

At Stillness Juniors our learning goes beyond the curriculum and is supplemented in a number of different ways. We enrich our knowledge through workshops – some led by our wonderful parents, themed days, school trips, team sports, and afterschool clubs to name some. Head over to our gallery and our Instagram page where you will see a showcase of these activities.