Promotion of Positive Behaviour and Discipline

The school rewards good behaviour, as it believes that this will develop an ethos of kindness and cooperation. This policy is designed to promote good behaviour, rather than merely deter anti-social behaviour.


  • Every member of the school community feels valued.
  • Each person is treated fairly
  • We promote an environment in which everyone feels safe and secure.
  • Bullying is not tolerated. We have a separate anti-bullying policy: Anti-Bullying policy
  • We have rules as a means of promoting good relationships. We try to keep our rules positive, e.g. rather than ‘don’t swing on your chair’ we say ‘show good sitting’: you need to ‘be safe’
  • Incidents are dealt with restoratively.
  • All red card incidents are followed up.
  • This policy is reviewed by staff on a regular basis.

To read the full policy, download the PDF.

Promotion of Positive Behaviour 2017.pdf