Extra curricular activities

Article 31 UNICEF Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to relax, play and join in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities. We therefore offer our children the following:

Breakfast Club

The school runs a 23 place breakfast club for junior children from 7.30am – 8.50am. The cost is £18 per week and parents must commit to the week. Information about this can be obtained from Mrs McCarthy or via the Breakfast Club page

Music Tuition

There are various instruments that children are able to learn during the school day. The cost of these varies and all information regarding payment should be addressed to Mrs Eileen Mahony, the music teacher. Information regarding the music lessons and instruments should also be made to Mrs Eileen Mahony. Currently we have tutors for piano, keyboards, drums, guitar, saxophone, flute, brass and clarinet.

Lunch-time activities

There are games and activities available to the children during the lunch break, these include puzzle club and various playground games. Children will be informed as to what there is on offer.

The school ambassadors run the puzzle club on a daily basis; the playleaders are also on duty every day to encourage the children to play games, introduce new games and ensure the games are inclusive. The peer mediators are also on duty every day to sort out any issues that may occur.

The children that are school ambassadors, playleaders and peer mediators have all undertaken relevant training.

School library

The school library is available at various times for the children to exchange their books or sit and read.

After school activities

There are various activities for children after school. Children can enjoy baking, knitting, sewing, craft, Spanish, French and drama throughout the week. Flyers are sent out at the start of each half term where you are able to sign up and pay for these clubs. Lewisham Community Sports also run a number of clubs which must be paid for in advance. Information regarding these can be obtained from either Mr Josh Franklin on 07951 251 332 or Lydia Kiwanuka on 07949 972 923. Alternatively you can email www.lewishamcommunitysports.com. Information and letters for downloading are also available on the After School page.

Extended after school care

This is an extra provision for those parents who are unable to collect their children until later in the evening. The care starts from 3.30pm – 6.00pm and is run by Lewisham Community Sports and is separate from after-school clubs. For more information contact Josh Franklin on 07506 870 983, or, Lydia Kiwanuka on 07506 870 983 . You can also email on www.lewishamcommunitysports.com. Information and letters for downloading are also available on the After School page.