Music at Stillness

Music Intent Statement at  Stillness Junior School

Stillness Junior School has a reputation as one of the foremost primary schools for music in Lewisham.  Our last Ofsted report highlighted music as one of the strengths of the school, and the teaching of music was described as excellent. In September 2018 we were invited to join Music Mark and we are proud to be members of this prestigious educational organisation. We have a specialist music teacher who teaches all classes once a week in our bright and airy purpose built music room.

Peripatetic music teaching is available in the following instruments: clarinet, flute, saxophone, keyboard, piano, drum kit and guitar. These lessons are open to any child for a reasonable fee and are provided mostly by teachers from Lewisham Music Hub. In addition to this, our music specialist teaches recorder to all children in Y3 on a weekly basis for the whole academic year. We also have a School Band open to any child who plays to grade 1 standard or above on flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin or cello. We meet after school on a Tuesday.

Our school Choir is open to any child from Y5 and Y6. We do not operate auditions, we select our members according to interest and commitment.  We meet on a Wednesday after school. The choir sings at school functions and concerts, we visit Rushey Green Nursing home every term, and we sing at the Royal Festival Hall, Blackheath Concert Halls and the Broadway Theatre Catford.

We are fortunate to be able to offer children the opportunity to play in a rock band formation with weekly tuition from Rocksteady who come to the school on a Monday in lesson times. These lessons are booked by any interested parents directly with Rocksteady via their website.

We run weekly Music Assemblies where we award one boy and one girl with Musical Star of the Week for which they receive a certificate. We designate a Composer of the Month and children are encouraged to find music and songs by these composers which they share in the assemblies.

We regularly enjoy workshop days that include dance through the ages, music from around the world and circus skills which supplement our musical curriculum and are accessible for all children.

Most importantly, we believe at Stillness that every child has musical potential which will be encouraged and nurtured in their time at the school.



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